NEWS All ACEF sponsored students from Disadvantaged Yunan Province China gained admissions to universities

In 2018, Anglo China Education Foundation (ACEF) launched a project to sponsor 10 exceptional students aged between 15 and 17 years old from less privileged families in Yunnan Province, one of the poorest regions in China, to visit the UK for 10 days on an educational tour. Those students all had deprived backgrounds with low family income certificates issued by the local government.

The sponsored UK study trip was designed to assist and encourage these students to reach goals in higher education. The trip lasted 10 days visiting some of the most prestigious government and private educational establishments. This included University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Eton College, Harrow School, Park House School and St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School. The expenses of the trip were covered by ACEF which included return flights from Kunming to London, accommodation and sustenance in the UK, transportation and tour ticket costs within the UK, insurance and visa fees.


ACEF is pleased to report that all these 10 students have achieved goals to be accepted in China to tertiary education and have started their university degrees in different parts of China from September 2021. Their studied degree courses include Law, Medicine and Sports Sciences.

After the trip, ACEF continued to assist the students through advice and consultation. This is in the hope of making bigger, more sustainable impact to those students in the longer term.

ACEF is committed to supporting talented students, especially those who are exceptional in their abilities, have an appropriate level of English skills and are from less privileged families. The vision of the programme is to broaden students' horizons and encourage them to challenge themselves on the global stage.