NEWS Anglo China Education Foundation’s founders make public speeches

On 11 Nov 2019, London Confucius School in University College London held its 13th round of academic dialog series on China in School of Oriental and African Studies, UCL. Graeme Aarons, a lawyer and entrepreneur and co-founder of Anglo China Education Foundation was invited to make the speech. confucius_ga_2.jpg#asset:335

He started with describing from his own experiences the difference between America and China during the 70s, followed by the rapid development of China in the past 30 years. The pace of China’s growth is unprecedent in the world and impressive. However, he used facts and data from military, technology and economics perspectives to support his view that China is not interested and not capable to replace America to be the world’s leader. In the end of the event, Mr Aarons answers questions from the audiences including topics such as Europe’s position in the world nowadays, the ‘one belt one road’ project, human rights issue, recent Hong Kong protests and bias issue in the western medias.

On 19 Nov 2019, Mrs Jing Aarons, co-founder of Anglo China Education Foundation was invited to Notting Hill & Ealing School London to make the Key-Note speech for London Chinese teacher conferences. She shared her motivation and passion in Chinese education with the teachers in the event, and illustrated projects ACEF has done in the past years to promote Chinese education in UK. The audience applaud after her speech in recognition of her perseverance and effort.

Notting Hill & Ealing School London has about 700 students. With the brilliant Chinese Curriculum design the school has been able to extend its Chinese education classes to support more than half of the school students around 400 students studying Chinese.