NEWS ACEF re-visits exchange students in Yunnan

At the end of 2018, the Anglo China Education Foundation sponsored 10 students from poor mountainous areas in Yunnan to exchange in the UK. During the tour, they visited a number of well-regarded schools and universities in the UK, including Eton College, St. Michael's Grammar School, Downe House School, and Oxford University.The artistic accomplishments displayed by the students have left a deep impression on everyone. The students also learnt a lot, and cordially called Chairman Jing "Mother Jiang."    


On 16th April, 2019, after a long journey of more than ten hours, although being exhausted, Jing and her son Andrew travelled to Xinmin Village Committee of Madeng Town, Jianchuan County and Shengyuan Village Committee of Fengyu Town, Wuyuan County to visit the sponsored exchange students Xu Neng and Shi Ronglian to better understand their family life, and encourage children to learn to achieve self-worth. In the following 2 days, they spend the time in the local high schools to meet all the exchange students from last year.


The Anglo China Education Foundation supports talented and outstanding Chinese students, especially those from deprived backgrounds but with artistic talents. They hope to provide them with an opportunity to broaden their horizons, develop their potential and help them in the development of art. Through self-improvement with exploring new cultures and new borders, the Foundation hopes to encourage students to challenge themselves on the global stage, thus become the future international artistic stars.