NEWS Chairman Jing visited renowned schools in Beijing and Shanghai

In mid-October, Chairman Jing Jiang Aarons visited Beijing Bayi School, Shanghai Datong High School, No.1 High School Affiliated to Tongji University and Shanghai No.3 Girls’ High School. She met with the school leaders and exchanged views on China-UK educational cooperation and exchanges, sister school relationship establishment, sports exchange and art performance, and discussed about the first China-UK Talent Performance.

During the visit, Jing introduced the “China Days” in British schools, China-UK students’ art exchange and sports competitions, British teachers and students’ China tour and the Yunnan poor students’ UK study tour programs, which were funded and organized by Anglo China Education Foundation. She also shared the stories of the talented young artist who were sponsored by the foundation and the plan for the up-coming China-UK Talent Performance.

School Presidents and representatives showed their interest in involving in the educational exchanges between the two countries, and expected to further develop more concrete and diversified programs with British schools under the support of the Foundation.

Sponsored by the Anglo China Education Foundation, the first China-UK Talent Performance will take place in late 2020 in UK and China. Talented Chinese students will be invited to perform at the most prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, and in some famous British universities and schools. It is also the first time that foreign students are invited to participate in the Music Proms at the Royal Albert Hall in its 149 years’ history.