NEWS Anglo China Education Foundation hosts student group from Mongolia

Mongolian student group visit Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls

On Wednesday, 21st August a group of 13 students and parents from Mongolia visited Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls in North London as part of their UK study tour organised by the Anglo China Education Foundation.

Located in North London, Frances Bardsley is an excellent school and has provided an exemplary education for girls aged eleven to eighteen for over one hundred years. It is one of the few members of the Global Girls’ School Alliance.

Head teacher David Kindly presented participation awards to the students on the tour. The school introduced the school’s long history gave a lecture on English history.

Then in true British style, the students on the tour enjoyed English afternoon tea with some local students and teachers.

The visit helped students from the two countries form friendships which supports their learning about different cultures and languages.


Anglo China Education Foundation hosts masters classes for visiting students

On 17th August Saturday, Anglo China Education Foundation run a number of Masters’ classes in the Sir Alexander Fleming Building at Imperial College for a group of Mongolian students on their UK study tour.

The students attended three sessions of the masters’ classes. The first one is a music master class by He Wu, a young up and coming Chinese born Soprano who has received support from ACEF in the UK. He studied at the Royal College of Music and is supported by the Royal Opera House. She débuted Madame Butterfly at Iford 2018 finale as Madame Butterfly. The second Master’s class is a drama class by Eton College student Andrew Aarons who has won a number of performance related competitions at Eton. The third class is an etiquette lesson by Victoria Aarons who demonstrated to the students a number of key etiquette skills which include setting a table culturally which is different to Mongolia.

The students enjoyed the classes which were very unique to them. We hope that this will support them in learning about different cultures and languages going forward.