Sponsored UK Study Trip

ACEF has launched the project to offer 10 exceptional students from less privileged families in Yunnan Province to visit the UK for 10 days

Anglo China Education Foundation (ACEF) has launched the project to offer 10 exceptional students from less privileged families in Yunnan Province to visit the UK for 10 days on an educational tour in 2018, and will continue the program in the future. This planned UK study tour is based on the success of last year’s trip organised by ACEF where over 30 students and teachers from two top schools in the UK visited China on an educational tour.

The planned trip of Chinese students to visit the UK hope to achieve the same goal. Promoting China and the Chinese culture by cultural and educational exchange and by bringing exceptional Chinese students and showcasing their unique qualities in the UK.

In addition, ACEF is committed to supporting talented students, especially those who are exceptional in their abilities, have an appropriate level of English skills and are from less privileged families. The vision of the programme is to broaden students' horizons and encourage them to challenge themselves on the global stage.

st_1.jpg#asset:284After visiting the candidates by the ACEF personnels, 10 sponsored students and 1 English speaking teacher are invited to join this tour. The age of the students is set to be 13-17. The trip lasts 10 days visiting some of the most prestigious government and private educational establishments. This includes University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Eton College, Harrow School, Park House School and St. Michael’s Catholic Grammar School.

After the trip, ACEF hopes to continue to assist the students through advice and consultation, especially if they would like to apply to study in the U.K. However, students are not obliged to apply to study abroad.

The expenses of the trip will be covered by ACEF which shall include: return flights from Kunming to London, accommodation and food in the UK, transportation and ticket costs within the UK, insurance and visa fees.

In addition to this trip, ACEF would like to work with local Chinese local schools in supporting it in forming partnership or exchange programmes with a suitable British school. This is in the hope of making bigger, more sustainable impact to students in the longer term.

The first occurrence of this series programme is well received by school, media and the Chinese Embassy in the UK, below are some of the news coverings regarding this event in 2018.