China Day

The Foundation promotes Chinese language and culture to targeted schools in the UK.

ACEF has successfully organised China Day events in British schools which would otherwise have had little exposure to Chinese culture. 

China Day is a yearly or one off event where not only Chinese entertainment is performed but also Chinese customs and traditions are publicised. Entertainment on the day includes martial arts, traditional Lion dancers, Chinese calligraphy and unique ancient Chinese musical instruments such as the Erhu, a two stringed bowed musical instrument and Guzheng, a traditional plucked musical string instrument. It has also included a fashion show displaying colourful  Chinese ethnic regional clothing.

There have been face changing  artistic performances from the  Sichuan Opera which is one of many local operas in China, popular in the provinces of Sichuan, Yunnan and Guizhou. Face changing refers to the changing of facial masks in quick succession to show different emotions and feelings of the character in the play.



China day events have inspired and encouraged schools and their pupils to explore Chinese culture, for example, in the form of school trips to China. In particular they have encouraged students to learn Mandarin.