About Us

The Anglo China Education Foundation (ACEF) is a non-profit Charitable organization regulated by the UK Charities Commission.

The Anglo China Education Foundation (ACEF) is a non-profit Charitable organisation regulated by the UK Charities Commission with Registered Number 1167528. ACEF is not funded by any government or local government source and depends on private donations. 

ACEF is based in London and Shanghai. Its main purpose is to support education and learning through better collaboration between China and the UK and nurturing the next generation of world class artists.The goal is to develop the next world leaders from both countries through enhanced education from an early age. The Foundation works with both private and government schools and educational establishments in China and the UK by the following 6 main areas

  • We run China Days in British schools introduce pupils to the Chinese language and culture.   
  • Help assign and assist Mandarin teachers and tutors.
  • Link Chinese kindergartens, schools and universities with British counterparts for exchange of students and teachers.  Facilitate British schools to establish satellite campus in China.
  • Arrange study tours to China and help facilitate pupil and teacher exchange.
  • Help place UK students in Chinese schools and universities.  Encourage "pen-pal" relations between English and Chinese students.  
  • Promote English and Chinese young artists.